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If you are passionate about fashion then you should go to Dubai to catch some of the best fashions events all over the world. We will show you what you must not miss in 2018, in case you are planning a trip to this stunning metropolis.

Fashion Forward Dubai 2018

This is one of the biggest events of this type in the Middle East, and it will be absolutely fantastic, exactly as it was in the past years as well. It is at its 10th edition this year, and it will take place in the amazing Dubai in October. Anyone who visits the metropolis on that period and is interested to see the latest fashion trend should attend this special event, Famous designers will be participating to this show and there will also be lovely presentations showcasing the latest couture and very interesting seminars led by industry experts. It seems that you will not only something amazing but you will also learn lots of interesting things. For more information, we recommend you to visit the official website where you can also book your participation.

Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai Fashion Week took place for the first time in 2006 and then disbanded in 2011. In 2015 restarted and since then every year had amazing presentations by very famous designers from all over the world. The show also has its own awards programme for areas such as Best Regional Designer or Best Fashion Tech Designer. Similar events also take place every year in big cities such as New York, Paris, London, and Milan. The participating labels are Walid Attalah, Emmanuel Haute Couture, and Junne Couture.

Arab Fashion Week

Dubai is without a doubt an amazing city that doesn’t only have plenty of stunning skyscrapers but lots of beautiful events, including fashion shows, such as the Arab Fashion Week. This event is actually a conduit for international labels that are looking for entering the market. There are confirmed labels such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Robert Cavalli. Arab Fashion Week is launched by the Arab Council and it is definitely not suitable for promoting grass-roots talent. Any young fashion designer that is interested in introducing himself to the region is invited to participate at this vibrant show. This is without a doubt an excellent opportunity to make yourself known on the fashion market. All in all, the Arab Fashion Week must not be missed by anyone who loves fashion.

Modest Fashion Week

The first time when this show took place in Dubai was in December 2017. It actually started in Istanbul, in May 2016, and it expanded later in London, followed by Dubai. Last year it lasted two days and it will last the same this year as well. There will be hijab designers and models, and lots of other famous guests. Do not confuse the Modest Fashion Week with the Modest Fashion Summit, as it is something totally different. However, everything certainly sounds very exciting and anyone who is interested in fashion should definitely attend the Modest Fashion Week show.


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